Day 4_ Wed 17th

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Day 3_Tue 16th


Conference by Dr. Luis Ernesto Saavedra (Secretary of plannig-Municipality of Santa Cruz) + Arq. Danko Araoz

Consult by Sesana Seleme

Day 2_Mon 15th


Day 1_Sun 14th

This Workshop will produce a set of urban interventions in a given large, metropolitan-scale site. They are intended to be developed/designed through innovative educational strategies aimed to reinforce architecture student┬┤s competences on creative design-thinking, which should be conducted under a trans-disciplinary process with three phases, being the Workshop itself the intermediate, design-boosting, articulating one. The pragmatic objective is to achieve socially sustainable solutions for a particular urban problem, within the context of a local metropolitan reality.

This Workshop is expected to produce proposals (architectural, urban and industrial objects) for San Aurelio sugarcane land.
900-hectares of agriculturally-oriented piece of land which is today totally surrounded by fast-growing neighborhoods in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia┬┤s largest city.