Day 4, team work

advancement with students and professors














Lecturers Meeting: Creative Design & New professional areas
Saddek Rehal, as a facilitator of the this workteam started the meeting with a game about defining the limits with images. The idea was to experience a design thinking method to arrive to different ideas of boundaries, which is the main theme of the worksop.
After the game we spoke about Design Thinking concept.



Day 2- 3 defining the limits and first progress presentation!

Team work:
During Tuesday and Wednesday students and lecturers have being working on their grups and on Wednesday morning we had our first progress open presentation to 87 people participating in the workshop. The presentations was structured by boundary zone, first north, then south, east,  and finally west. Each group presented in ten minutes and after each boundary zone there were 30 minutes for comments, explanations and suggestions.



Open presentation:


Lecturers meeting
Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we had a lecturers meeting to discuss New Educational Strategies aim, José Quintanilla, Desiree Claros, José Luis Sánchez and Ana María Marín, Julio Navarro and José Acosta told the group their experiences with educational strategies that they use at their schools or that they are using in the workshop, as a start point to inspire all the rest to write down their experiences and then categorize them among all, by year of application and by some key words that we were able to identify.



Day one, Groups!

Diapositiva 1

Twelve groups were divided


Group 1
Lecturer: Daniel Hidalgo (Costa Rica)
7 students: Sergio Uribe, Anny Galeano, Sebastián Narvaez, Natalia Achiardi, Ana María Ramírez, Nicolás Bello, Lucía Pierantoni

2013-09-16 11.31.24


Group 2
Lecturer: José Quintanilla (Chile)
6 students: Andry Solano, Andrea Palomino, Jorge León, Weimar Sáenz, Daniela Fuentes, Carlos Jaime.

2013-09-16 11.33.30


Group 3
Lecturer: Julio Navarro (Perú)
5 students: Luis Gallego, Fabiola Stadler, Daniel Garibello, Cristian Bonilla, Alejandro Alvarez.

2013-09-16 11.31.56



Group 4
Lecturer: Dayra Gelabert (Cuba)
6 students: Oswaldo Jaimes, Roberto Nieto, Diana Bello, Juliana Rey, Fabio Florez, Amaranta Acosta

2013-09-16 11.31.38


Group 5
Lecturer: Luis Elgue (Paraguay)
5 students: Juan Fajardo, Jenny Coral, Duvier Gómez, Diego Torres, Daniel Riaño

2013-09-16 11.31.45


Group 6
Lecturer : Sergio Castillo (Guatemala)
6 students: Nicolás Llanos, Lee Romero, Jennifer Rozo, John Cardona, Marcelo Castellanos, Liz Bulla

2013-09-16 11.32.46



Group 7
Lecturer: José Sánchez (Venezuela)
6 students: Edisson Cruz, Alejandra Herrera, Christian Lesmes, Tatiana Parada, Fabian Palacios, Nadine Sam.
2013-09-16 11.30.34 copy
Group 8
Lecturer: José Acosta (Panamá)
6 students: Julián Ruano, Johan Angulo, Carlos Contreras, Andrés Peña, Cristián Córdoba, John Vasquez.

2013-09-16 11.32.27


Group 9
Lecturer: Saddek Rehal (Sweden)
8 students: Carlos Garzón, Felipe Ochoa, Sarah Poot, Albertina De Pelsmacker, Lucía Tapiero, Lina Buitrago, Ricardo Arias, Felipe Franco.

2013-09-16 11.32.36



Group 10
Lecturer: Desiree Claros (Bolivia)
5 students: Sebastián Arias, Zamira Duque, Antonio Aragon, Daniel González, Alonso Labrín.

2013-09-16 11.32.13


Group 11
Lecturer: Ana María Marín (Venezuela) + Guideon Boie (Belgium)
6 students:  Laura Lamprea, Edgar Ramírez, Juana Londoño, Juan Vazquez, Ricardo Arias, Tomás Bravo, Manuel Medina

2013-09-16 11.32.01


Group 12
Lecturer: Virginia Sorribes (Argentina)
5 students: Laura Alfonso, Narda Ortiz, Jafet Garnica, Natalia Ramírez, Laura Guarisco

2013-09-16 11.31.31

2013-09-16 11.20.31 2013-09-16 11.20.17


What to bring to the workshop
  • Your original boarding passes, hand them to Catalina as soon as you see her.
  • Your original flight ticket receipt, hand them to Catalina as soon as you see her.
  • Notebook is not required but it can be useful, specially for students. Regarding your notebook or others personal belongings, please be aware that, although it is unlikely to happen,  ADU Project and Universidad Nacional de Colombia are not responsible for loss or theft, inside or outside University Campus and Hotel.
Lecturers first meet

Lecturers will meet on Monday September 16th. at 8:00 am, at the IBIS hotel lobby, to go to campus. There will be a bus (for lecturers) to take you every day. The place where we will make the workshop are the facilities of the University, close to campus, which currently operates the School of Architecture.

From airport to hotel

It is recommended to take airport taxis, a yellow cab which is outside of the international pier, directly across the street. Tell the driver the name of the hotel (Hotel Ibis, the only with that name, in the Internacional Center-Centro Internacional). The approximate value in colombian pesos, will be 25,000 to 30,000. These taxis do not speculate with the price. The IBIS distance is close.
The hotel is already paid by Fernando.


Dear attendants,

the weather during the days of the workshop will be varied. Now begins the winter season, that does not mean changes in temperature, but increased rain. Currently in the morning is sunny and the temperature can reach 16 degrees Celsius. However, in the evenings the temperature falls, sometimes it rains and the temperature can go down to 6 degrees Celsius. So light clothing is recommended, waterproof and warm at the same time.


For lecturers:



Schedule for Students


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