Day 2. Invited Lectures and first approaches


Day 1. Introduction


On Monday, September 9th started the ADU_2020 Costa Rica Workshop!! Lecturers from 10 countries met at Universidad VERITAS to work along with local teachers and students (actually, only 8 arrived on Monday, the other two will incorporate on Tuesday). The theme of the activity was presented to students and lecturers, which could be summarized as trying to achieve consistence between the image of the country that is sold abroad and the current situation of San José, Costa Rica’s capital city.

Three publicity materials were presented as to illustrate the way by which the country is shown to outsiders (follow these links to watch them: video 1, video 2, video 3). Material which was later confronted to the reality of the city, as was seen from a trip on coach.

The almost hundred of students were divided among 8 groups, each guided by a local and a foreign lecturer (only one group having three teachers) and focusing on a specific area of the city. An open methodology was established, each group choosing its own way to face the dilemma presented, identifying the main issues to be tackled and the way by which those could be solved (scale, focus, materials, etc).

As the day was ending, students with teachers began to reflect on the main ideas and how to develop their work during the coming days.




ADU_2020 lecturers arriving to Universidad VERITAS



Students and lecturers at the end of the day, discussing their approach to the problem


Workshop Costa Rica: Urban BrandScapes

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